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Will Dietary Fat Consumed Post Workout Hinder my Recovery From Training? by James Layton - Professional trainer James Layton guest writes this article for 3DMJ. As we delve into the science we find out that the answer to the title of the article, along with a lot of these types of questions regarding training and nutrition is, "it depends......" read more!

Your Life, Your Goals – by Rede Frisby BS, Post Grad Diploma Sports Med.Like most beginners to bodybuilding I was initially fixated on bigger physiques the likes of Dorian Yates, as I managed to develop my body, my experience grew and I came to realize a more realistic longer term goal – also more humanly (safely) possible – I decided then to pursue...read more!

Another Great Exercise for the Muscle Journey by Brad Kuper PhD - Natural Bodybuilder and Clinical Health Psychologist, Brad Kuper PhD has been generous enough to once again write a fantastic article for 3DMJ. An experienced natural bodybuilder and clinical psychologist, Brad understands that the biggest barrier to getting on stage at your best is yourself! Read more to learn how just sitting silently can be an effective technique for combating the mental games and stress that are the biggest challenges of contest preparation!

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