The Relentless Warrior

Eric Helms


written by Jeff Alberts

photos by Jeff Alberts

ERIC HELMS "The Relentless Warrior" during a photo session on September 19, 2009 1 week away from the "2009 INBF West Coast Classic". After 36 weeks of 100% dedicated training and dieting, Eric has achieved his best ever physique to date. With two class victories already this year at the INBF Washington State Natural & INBF Capital City Natural, Eric is a major threat for that elusive WNBF Pro card.  

Round 1 - Symmetry

Eric has excellent balance to his physique, every muscle group flows together very well. 


Front Relaxed & Left Side Relaxed

Back Relaxed & Right Side Relaxed

Round 2 - Muscularity

With 1 week to go Eric has already acquired the level of conditioning most athletes seek to attain.  


Front Double Biceps & Front Lats

Left Side Chest & Left Side Triceps

Rear Double Biceps & Rear Lat Spread

Right Side Chest & Right Side Triceps

Hands On Hip Most Muscular

Most Muscular

Round 3 - Team Eric Helms 

Team Helms hitting a double bicep shot.

Eric's wife Barbara, has been an essential part in Eric's contest preparation. She has provided moral support and encouragement during his contest preparation. Like they say, "behind every great man there is a great woman" and there is no doubt Eric has a great woman!

Eric with his friend, contest prep coach & WNBF Pro, Alberto Nunez

Alberto is Eric's preparation coach and has been a major factor for Eric's finest contest condition thus far in his career. Alberto has also been there for Eric lending moral support and true friendship during his 36 week journey.

With one week to go to Eric's 5th and last contest of the season he has already proven he is a true champion whether he comes away with a victory or not. The last 36 weeks of Eric's journey has had many obstacles to overcome. Those obstacles would have made many ordinary individuals succumb to the high stress levels and call it a day. Eric has shown tremendous resolve and for that reason we have come to know him as, "The Relentless Warrior"!

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