2009 NGA Natural California

 Last night, June 20, 2009, I placed first in the men's short class division in a very good class. I then went head to head against the tall class winner Dave Blumgold for the overall title. Dave also placed first in the masters division. Back in 1995, I competed with Dave in the Mr. Fremont, so it was good to see a familiar face even though he is a tough competitor. Although it was very intense on stage going up against him in the posing comparisons, I was able to win the title of "2009 NGA Mr. Natural California" and earn my NGA Pro card. It was an honor competing with Dave, as he is an awesome natural bodybuilder as well as a really nice person.

Dave Blumgold & Jeff Alberts


The INBF Capital City on July 18, 2009 is still my main goal and I was able to gain valuable experience as I approach that show. The things I've learned from last night's show will definitely be of use at the INBF Capital City.

  • I used Jan Tana's Ultra 1 Color, I applied two coats the evening prior and then touched it up in the morning to fix any blemishes. After prejudging I realized I could be a little darker so I applied two more coats after prejudging and even still, I probably will apply 1-2 more coats at the next show. This product goes on really fast and really easy compared to other products I have used in the past.

Pumping Up Backstage

  • At the prejudging I was in good condition but I seemed to be a little flat. I knew going in by dropping my sodium levels really low and having low water intake on Friday it may make me flat. It turned out I was right and after the prejudging my brother, Paul Alberts who is a WNBF Pro, confirmed the same thing and with that in mind I changed my food intake leading up to the night show. I still ate oatmeal & Bioplex whey, but I ate a number of protein bars that contained more sodium and I drank about a gallon of water going into the night show. It worked out well and I was much improved at the night show. I was much fuller and drier looking compared to the prejudging. So next time around I will not drop my water intake as low and I will not cut sodium levels so low.


My brother & training partner Michael Alberts, Me, & my brother WNBF Pro Paul Alberts


  • My posing went really well considering I did not have much practice time. My routine went well as I received good applause. I will keep the same routine for next month's show but I am not revealing my music here! My brother Paul, advised me on my most muscular pose - to change it by standing more erect and flexing everything from my quads, abs, and upper body, giving me a more symmetrical look. At the night show I took that advice in the overall comparison and it was a big help for me to win the show. One of the judges following the show, also gave me some good advice on keeping my thighs flexed at all times. I tend to let my quads relax a little too much and I will definitely take that advice to heart and really work hard and practice holding my quads for my next show. 


Side Double Biceps (Evening routine)

Rear Double Biceps (Evening Routine)

Most Muscular (Evening Routine)


  • I learned from this show to really keep an open mind on others advice and comments. With their advice you can really see your mistakes and keep improving upon them.


This turned out to be a great experience for me. It was a good day for me as I turned 38 and I earned my natural pro card on my birthday! I also got to meet a lot of really great natural bodybuilders and I enjoyed my experience there. I want to thank my wife Jhanna, for always being there by my side and helping me out with my contest preparation. I want to thank my brother Michael, for pushing me in the gym and helping me make the improvements I have made in the last year. I want to thank my mother in law Nadia, for her love and support of my journey. I want to thank my brother Paul, for his support and his well received advice on my performance. I also want to thank everyone at the "NGA Drug-Free Mr./Ms. California Fitness Extravaganza" for a great experience and for helping to promote the sport of natural bodybuilding and figure competition. 


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